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Agile Culture Conference

The Agile Culture Conference is an attempt to bring the focus back on the cultural aspects of the organisations from methods. The conference provides a safe environment where participants can come together, share important issues, topics or needs and engage in real conversations. 

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Australian Testing Days (#AusTD)

The Australian Testing Days is our most popular conference. This is a conference for test managers, lead testers, test engineers, technical test people or anyone who is interested in the advancement of the craft of testing. Our focus for this conference is to present practical advice, new ideas and testing of advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence.

We have been organising this conference since 2016 and so far, there have been 3 #AusTDs held in Melbourne and 2 in Sydney. 

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Australian Test & Tech Automation Conference (#ATTAC)

As the name suggests, the Australian Test & Tech Automation Conference is focused on solutions, concepts and ideas around the world of automation. 

The first #ATTAC was held in Melbourne in 2018 and was hugely popular among the automation consultants, developers, test engineers and automation product companies.

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Quality Software Australia

Quality Software Australia 2017 was the successor of the inaugural Australian Testing Days 2016 conference. A premier conference, QSA was honoured by the attendance of the speakers from US, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, India and Australia. There were attendees arriving from the US, Indonesia, India, New Zealand and interstate Australia. It was a hugely successful event and was commended by the testing community for for the organisation, venue and the superb choice of speakers and topics.

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