Since July 2015 we have organised more than 50 meetups covering talks by well-known international experts, first-time speakers, panel discussions, hackathon/ bugathons, group discussions, brainstorming sessions and free workshops. 



This group is primarily for:

People who are leading delivery of projects and programs (including Agilists and traditional PMs)

Anyone who is interested in leading projects and teams, and want to meet like-minded people, share experience in successful (or unsuccessful) project deliveries and learn from each other.

This group is also for Executive leaders (CxOs) who are interested in engaging with delivery leads and in learning and discussing about strategy, innovation and disruption

Our mission is to increase awareness of good project delivery practices, enhance learning and develop skills of group members through networking.


Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne (TEAM) is one of the most popular software testing meetups in Australia. The meetup aims to provide a collaborative, friendly environment where you are encouraged to learn, exchange ideas, discuss and network with other testing & technology professionals.

We hope and we aim to improve the level of testing competency by promoting practical value-adding practices over less effective yet popular practices.

This community will grow with you, so we invite you to join us, participate and help us build a great testing community in your city.

We hold monthly networking meetups and talks, along with organizing training events and conferences.